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Fill side yards with landscape material, such as pea gravel or sand.
A smooth, full look in these areas will look nice to the eye and give your yard a more polished look. Often dirt-filled side yards and empty beds can accumulate weeds, so if you don't want to plant flowers there, gravel or sand can be an easy option that doesn't require constant watering or weeding. If you have old logs or crumbling bricks sectioning off these areas, consider replacing these with new brick or rock for a fresh look.

Choose a focal point.
Lots of good, simple designs start with one big item - a tree, a shrub (or series of shrubs), or a hardscape item like an arch, bench, or sculpture. Consider where you might put one larger item, and then let the rest of the yard's design flow from there. Often one big item will guide the rest of your design! If your yard already has a large item, work with it to enhance or direct eyes to the item in question. If it doesn't, consider adding one - planting a tree or putting a decorative item in an area of your lawn you want to highlight.

Create a flower bed.
If you're unsure of where to begin with your grand-scale garden ideas, start with one new flower bed - maybe around your mail box, under a window, or beside the house. Then experiment with what plants - like perennials or flowering shrubs - work well in that location based on the level of sun and shade and the soil quality in that spot. When choosing plants to put in your flower bed, you can always lean on the expertise of the employees at the home and garden store. They will be able to guide you to the plants that will thrive best in your location. Once you've watched your flower bed flourish, you can consider adding more - or maybe just stick with one! One flower bed is more manageable than a whole yard of flower beds, so starting small can be helpful for beginners.


“Freddy and his crew were awesome!!! I had the front lawn of our new house in Norwood Park sodded this past summer. Freddy gave the best price and seemed to be the most knowledgeable of everyone I talked to.”

-Braun R.

“They came out and completed the work in 2 days. Not only did they do an amazing job, but they actually cleaned up all of the mess that our previous landscaper left in our garage. I was floored by their level of service, responsiveness and professionalism.”

-Christy N.